We support post-16 adults of all abilities by carefully curating learning programmes based on the ambitions and abilities of the learners.

We understand that in a more mature classroom, a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching won’t suffice. Instead, this role requires careful consideration to respect the personal and social needs of each learner. 

As Adult Tutors, we’re always mindful of the different abilities within each group. So, to help learners feel empowered throughout their studies, we hold regular, informal reviews to give each learner the best possible chance of success. Plus, we’re happy to provide additional one-to-one support when needed for learners who may require more guidance. 

We are comfortable with change - this isn’t a role of repetition. We are empathetic and encouraging and can adapt our teaching methods, lesson structures and feedback to ensure each learner has every opportunity, not only to succeed, but to enjoy their re-introduction into education.  

Above all, we care. We care for the well-being and journey of each of our adult learners. 


•    Diploma/A Levels, NVQ Level 3 or equivalent qualifications and/or some practical experience in a similar role. Level 3 Award in Education & Training (minimum)
•    Essential Skills qualifications (in either Communication, Application of Number or Digital Literacy) at Level 3

  • The ability to motivate and inspire learners to achieve agreed outcomes
  • The ability to work with and train people at all levels.
  • Confidence when teaching to groups of adult learners 
  • The ability to adapt teaching methods to the differing needs of learners
  • Strong communication skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Effective organisation and planning skills
  • Commitment to equality and diversity. 
  • Appreciation and understanding of Welsh heritage and culture.
  • The ability to write reports and generate statistical information