Sources of Business Finance

Sources of business finance can be studied under the following heads:

(1) Short Term Finance:

Short-term finance is needed to fulfill the current needs of business. The current needs may include payment of taxes, salaries or wages, repair expenses, payment to creditor etc. The need for short term finance arises because sales revenues and purchase payments are not perfectly same at all the time. Sometimes sales can be low as compared to purchases. Further sales may be on credit while purchases are on cash. So short term finance is needed to match these disequilibrium.

Sources of short term finance are as follows:

(i) Bank Overdraft: Bank overdraft is very widely used source of business finance. Under this client can draw certain sum of money over and above his original account balance. Thus it is easier for the businessman to meet short term unexpected expenses.

(ii) Bill Discounting: Bills of exchange can be discounted at the banks. This provides cash to the holder of the bill which can be used to finance immediate needs.

(iii) Advances from Customers: Advances are primarily demanded and received for the confirmation of orders However, these are also used as source of financing the operations necessary to execute the job order.

(iv) Installment Purchases: Purchasing on installment gives more time to make payments. The deferred payments are used as a source of financing small expenses which are to be paid immediately.

(v) Bill of Lading: Bill of lading and other export and import documents are used as a guarantee to take loan from banks and that loan amount can be used as finance for a short time period.

(vi) Financial Institutions: Different financial institutions also help businessmen to get out of financial difficulties by providing short-term loans. Certain co-operative societies can arrange short term financial assistance for businessmen.

(vii) Trade Credit: It is the usual practice of the businessmen to buy raw material, store and spares on credit. Such transactions result in increasing accounts payable of the business which are to be paid after a certain time period. Goods are sold on cash and payment is made after 30, 60, or 90 days. This allows some freedom to businessmen in meeting financial difficulties.

(2) Medium Term Finance:

This finance is required to meet the medium term (1-5 years) requirements of the business. Such finances are basically required for the balancing, modernization and replacement of machinery and plant. These are also needed for re-engineering of the organization. They aid the management in completing medium term capital projects within planned time. Following are the sources of medium term finance:

(i) Commercial Banks: Commercial banks are the major source of medium term finance. They provide loans for different time-period against appropriate securities. At the termination of terms the loan can be re-negotiated, if required.

(ii) Hire Purchase: Hire purchase means buying on installments. It allows the business house to have the required goods with payments to be made in future in agreed installment. Needless to say that some interest is always charged on outstanding amount.

(iii) Financial Institutions: Several financial institutions such as SME Bank, Industrial Development Bank, etc., also provide medium and long-term finances. Besides providing finance they also provide technical and managerial assistance on different matters.

(iv) Debentures and TFCs: Debentures and TFCs (Terms Finance Certificates) are also used as a source of medium term finances. Debentures is an acknowledgement of loan from the company. It can be of any duration as agreed among the parties. The debenture holder enjoys return at a fixed rate of interest. Under Islamic mode of financing debentures has been replaced by TFCs.

(v) Insurance Companies: Insurance companies have a large pool of funds contributed by their policy holders. Insurance companies grant loans and make investments out of this pool. Such loans are the source of medium term financing for various businesses.

(3) Long Term Finance:

Long term finances are those that are required on permanent basis or for more than five years tenure. They are basically desired to meet structural changes in business or for heavy modernization expenses. These are also needed to initiate a new business plan or for a long term developmental projects. Following are its sources:

(i) Equity Shares: This method is most widely used all over the world to raise long term finance. Equity shares are subscribed by public to generate the capital base of a large scale business. The equity share holders shares the profit and loss of the business. This method is safe and secured, in a sense that amount once received is only paid back at the time of wounding up of the company.

(ii) Retained Earnings: Retained earnings are the reserves which are generated from the excess profits. In times of need they can be used to finance the business project. This is also called ploughing back of profits.

(iii) Leasing: Leasing is also a source of long term finance. With the help of leasing, new equipment can be acquired without any heavy outflow of cash.

(iv) Financial Institutions: Different financial institutions such as former PICIC also provide long term loans to business houses.

(v) Debentures: Debentures and Participation Term Certificates are also used as a source of long term financing.


These are various sources of finance. In fact there is no hard and fast rule to differentiate among short and medium term sources or medium and long term sources. A source for example commercial bank can provide both a short term or a long term loan according to the needs of client. However, all these sources are frequently used in the modern business world for raising finances.

Lawsuit Financing Companies

Attorneys, law firms, lawyers, beneficiaries or clients usually form lawsuit-financing companies. Lawsuit financing companies can also provide appeal finance, firm finance, custom finance or estate finance.

Many lawyers and attorneys create lawsuit financing companies based on their experience and the types of cases they encounter the most. Attorneys and lawyers with expertise in personal injury lawsuits or patent lawsuits help by providing cash advances and support in their fields.

Lawsuit financing companies provide many financing options. With a significant monthly fee, a few lawsuit financing companies may help to settle the case faster. Though a large variety of options are available, the plaintiff has to discuss with the attorney which option is best suited to him.

The lawsuit financing company and the plaintiff can make an agreement of the amount of share the lawsuit financers would obtain after the settlement or the verdict is known. This is called “flat fee”. Apart from the flat fees, the plaintiff has to pay a minimum fee every month, called “recurring fees”, to the lawsuit financing company. This recurring fee can be as low as 2.9% in the case of a few lawsuit financing companies, or could be as high as 15% with other companies.

It is the financing company’s decision as to how much to pay as the cash advance. Lawsuit financing companies pay from $1000 to about a million dollars depending on the case.

Every lawsuit financing company would have a team of lawyers to assess the strength of the case. The key is to avoid funding frivolous complaints. Thus the financing companies will scrutinize the complaint and decide the chances of success of the case.

Lawsuit financing companies do not term their cash advances as loans but as investments. The applicant has to repay after the verdict. Usually the monetary settlement that is obtained after the settlement by the court is larger than the company’s advance. The lawsuit financing company should be paid the principal and the predetermined share of the monetary verdict.

Many lawsuit financing companies can be approached through the Internet. Companies like, and are available on the Internet. Websites like these are flooded with information and instructions regarding lawsuit financing.

Manufacturing Equipment Financing

Generally all manufacturing companies require some equipment for the smooth running of their processes. They may need to replace any outdated equipment or to buy new equipment at any point of time. Investing in equipment is therefore important for any manufacturing concern. In fact, investing in new manufacturing equipment to produce goods can increase the flow of revenue. Since the cost of such equipments is high, the need for manufacturing equipment financing arises.

Since various manufacturing companies produce different types of commodities, the manufacturing equipment financing options would vary accordingly. You can seek financial help of any of the reliable financing companies in order to acquire new manufacturing equipment that stretch the cash revenues.

Machine tool financing is one of the types of manufacturing equipment financing that is required for any machine shops or iron shops. Lathe machine, drilling machine, routers, roll forming, milling, punch press etc are some of the machine tools indispensable for the machine or iron shops. Computer control machine tools are the advancements in this field. However they are expensive and so seeking the financial assistance of any legitimate financing company are important to acquire such equipment.

Woodworking equipment financing is often desirable to acquire exceptional woodworking equipment. Panel saw machines, belt sander, door frame machine, wood shaper machine etc are some of the unique equipments used in this field. Since these equipments are special in nature, many financing companies may not be willing to provide help. These equipments are not only special but are also expensive. Hence manufacturing equipment financing is a must. There are few valid financing companies that offer financial assistance to buy these types of equipment.

Stone and glass cutting and fabrication equipment are really unique in nature. For instance, diamond cutting equipment can be used for that purpose only. This specialized nature of these types of equipments may raise complexity in getting financial help from the financial institutions. Yet there are some genuine financing companies that offer manufacturing equipment financing help to acquire stone and glass cutting and fabrication equipment. They also provide various options like edge polishing equipment financing, sandblasting equipment financing, glass cutting equipment financing and so on.

Rubber and plastic equipments are required by some manufacturing companies. Recycling equipment, rubber molding machine, thermoforming machine, rubber vulcanization machine, plastic molding machine etc are special in nature and so traditional finance lending institutions may not be ready to provide financial assistance. Hence a reliable financing company which is expert in dealing with manufacturing equipment is vitally important.

Embroidery equipments have undergone various advancements and so acquiring the computer control equipment is important for the companies that engage in embroidery making. Some financing companies offer manufacturing equipment financing help to acquire the embroidery equipment.

Understanding The Basic Finance Options

When it comes to getting your finances in order, it is a good idea to understand a little about all the tools that you have at your disposal. Here are a few reminders of the several different ways you can gather support and information to help you manage your finances.

No matter what our goals happen to be, most of us find ourselves in need of good sound finance advice from time to time. We can find all sorts of qualified finance advisers around us. Our local bank is usually willing to help us understand the workings of saving and investing, and without charging anything for going over the basics. Many communities have non-profit organizations that help with preparing budgets and providing counseling when persons are in need of a few tips on breaking bad financial habits.

Counseling is also available to help you meet long term financial goals as well. As an example, if one of your goals is to finance college tuition for your children, a qualified counselor can help you set up a savings program that will allow you to set aside an equitable amount on a regular basis in some sort of interest bearing account. By using a finance calculator to layout your monthly budget, and make sure your budget is realistic, you can begin to make headway toward building that college fund.

Of course, it may be that you need some guidance in seeking a finance loans to purchase a home or start a business. You will want to speak with more than one finance lender, so that you can do some comparison shopping on finance rates, monthly repayment terms, and how much of your monthly payment will be applied to your principle. You also want to know if there are any penalties for paying off the loan early, or if there are any incentives that would make it worth your while to retire the debt earlier than planned.

Finance equity can also be a topic where you would want to seek some expert advice before making a move. Understanding just exactly how much equity you current have in your property can make all the difference in evaluating your overall financial health. This is especially true if you are considering the sale of a portion of your properties. Without a reasonable amount of equity accrued, you may find it advantageous to hold on to the properties for a little while longer.

If you want to learn to handle more of your finances on your own, there are probably several avenues in your community where you can take a finance course or two. Your local community college may have courses that can be taken in the evenings or on weekends. Credit associations often have short term courses that are geared toward particular areas of financial management. Check in the phone book and with your local chamber of commerce to find out what opportunities are coming up.

Record keeping is also important to your fiscal health. If you have a home computer, you can avail yourself of finance software. Some computers come with basic finance tracking packages already loaded into the hard drive. If you need something a little more robust, there are a number of different software programs on the market today. Often, you can download a trial version of any finance software you are interested in and see if the package will do everything you need it to do.

Ups and Downs of in Home Finance

Home finance is a type of financing provided by the company which either manufactures or sells the product or investment which is being purchased. A good example of this type of financing would be a car manufacturer offering the financing to a person who is buying a car. Financing any form of purchase in this method has some advantages and some disadvantages.

The most obvious advantage of in-home financing is how easily it can be done. Since the company which is offering the financing is also selling the product there is no issues in regards to proving the value of the purchase. While typically it is taken as fact that the loan request is equal to or less than the actual value of whatever is being purchased there are some exceptions.

Most mortgage lenders require a property appraisal to verify that a home or condo which is being purchased is worth at least as much as the loan amount. With in home financing this is not required since the lender set the sale price on the home or condo. In some situations this type of financing can also be easier to get than traditional lender financing. This is often associated with the fact that the company making the sale stands to lose less if a person defaults on a loan than a standard lender. This is due to the fact that the company selling whatever is being financed usually has a certain amount of markup built in. This sometimes leads to this form of financing being more readily available to people with slightly lower credit scores.

There are also some disadvantages to in-house financing. The most obvious factor is the fact that in most cases this type of financing offers a slightly higher than average interest rate. This is important to look into however since in some circumstances the manufacturer may offer lower interest rates to buyers with a good credit score. It is also important when looking at this type of financing to consider the size of the manufacturer and their lending department.

There are manufacturers which offer in house lending which have a large lending department. Automobile manufacturers are a good example of this. In some cases however smaller companies may attempt to offer in house lending. While this can be successful there is a high probability that the loan is sold off to another lender. In this type of situation it can sometimes become confusing to the borrower.

In-home finance is an excellent option for some people, and in certain circumstances. Automobile loans are one of the most common areas to see this type of financing. It is also one of the only areas where this type of financing can be a good alternative to another lender. In any circumstances where in house financing is being considered as an option it is important to pay close attention to the details and terms which are written into the loan contract. This will help to avoid future problems as a result of a missed condition.

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In House Financing Programs Making A Comeback

In House Financing is making a comeback in the Canadian market. When I first entered the car business in 1995 there were very few options for people who had credit issues such as bankruptcy, written off accounts, judgements or collections to be able to obtain financing for a reliable vehicle. I was lucky enough to work for a dealership that had an in house leasing company and we were able to sell cars to these people before the sub prime lenders came on the scene.

Over the past several years there have been many companies come into the Canadian automotive financing market to fill the need for most of these customers. They are relatively large national and international financing companies. They have signed the majority of the dealerships across the country to refer business to them. In 2005 there were no fewer than 7 such companies doing business all across the country with many others doing business in certain markets in the country. At the time of writing this article in 2010 there are only 4 remaining and they have tightened up on their lending practices because there is less competition in the marketplace. Of note the 3 sub prime lenders that were doing business all across Canada that are no longer in the marketplace were international lenders with 2 or the 3 based in the United States. When the financial crisis occurred in America we lost them due to their parent companies consolidating their operations into the United States.

It has been this tightening up of lending practices that is beginning to make a need for In House Financing at the dealership level once again. Today there are more and more clients who have credit problems and are in need of special financing solutions as they no longer qualify for financing from the mainstream sub prime lenders.

Many car dealerships are growing tired and frustrated at spending a lot of time and money in advertising to get customers into their dealerships to sell them a car just to have the lenders turn their customer down. It has been this frustration that has led many of them to take another look at an old concept and begin financing these customers themselves. So slowly but surely there are In House Financing, In House Leasing and Buy Here Pay Here programs starting to pop up all across the country to service this new marketplace.

There is very little difference in the various financing programs from a consumer point of view. They all work basically the same way. You have to give them a down payment that the dealers require to offset the risk they are taking in financing these type of high risk clients. Most of the down payments range between $500 – $2000 and are either used as money down on the loan in the case of In House Finance and Buy Here Pay Here programs. The out of pocket money is used as a security deposit and first payment in most In House Leasing programs. The security deposit can be used to buy out the lease at the end of the term without having to come up with any money out of your pocket at that time. No matter what the money you give the dealership is called, by the end of the term it is used to pay down on your vehicle.

The other major difference in these programs is how the vehicle is registered by the Registry of Motor Vehicles in your province. With the In House Financing programs the vehicle is registered in your name on the registration and a chattel mortgage is placed on the vehicle at the Registry of Deeds in your province. The chatel mortgage make it possible to repossess your vehicle if you default on the loan the same way a bank or finance company can. With the In House Leasing programs the vehicle is registered in the name of the leasing company with you being registered as the plate owner of the vehicle. The Buy Here Pay Here programs are usually run by a smaller dealership and they sometimes register a chalet mortgage the same as the In House Financing Programs but often they get the customer to register the vehicle in their name and then return to the dealership with the ownership paper and sign it over to the dealership. This way if the customer defaults on the loan the dealer simply registers the vehicle back into their name and repossess it from the customer. At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter which program you choose to use if you don’t make the payments they will repossess your car but if you make your payments you will not have any problems. Remember all of these dealerships are interested in you keeping your vehicle. They are usually understanding if you are going to be a couple days late with your payment as long as you let them know beforehand and make arrangements to get caught up right away.

These dealers live in the areas they work in and are usually very helpful and are willing to work with you. Most of these dealerships require that you place full coverage insurance on your vehicle but some of the smaller Buy Here Pay Here dealers will allow you to just have basic car insurance because the vehicles they sell are usually fairly inexpensive and full coverage insurance just doesn’t make sense.

The hardest thing about financing a vehicle through these dealers is usually finding them. With so many dealerships advertising Guaranteed Auto Approvals, Bad Credit – No Credit Car Financing and the like but most of them do not have any options for you if you are declined by the national finance companies. You end up spinning your wheels looking for a dealer who will work with you causing you to either give up or get frustrated and buy a cheap car privately with whatever money you can come up with.

To try to fill this problem with finding these dealerships there is a new website launching called []. Its sole purpose is to connect people who need special in house financing options with dealerships in your area that provide in house financing. The majority of the dealerships on the website will have their own in house financing companies with some of the dealerships having the Go Plan program. The Go Plan is a special financing program through Carfinco is a national financing program that is very close to an in house program.

A word of caution about these programs. Remember that these programs are designed to help you re establish your credit and get you into a reliable vehicle at a reasonable payment. It would be extremely rare that one of these companies will finance a 2009 Chevy Silverado Diesel or 2010 Ford Mustang GT to you because their programs just are not designed for that. But if you are serious about buying a vehicle and re establishing your credit they are a good option for you.

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Wie man das perfekte Sandwich macht Sandwiches, wie wir es heute kennen, sind nur Scheiben Schinken und Käse, die zusammen mit zwei Scheiben Brot platziert werden. Die Wörterbuchdefinition für Sandwich besteht aus zwei oder mehr Scheiben Brot mit einer Schicht oder mehreren Schichten Fleisch, Käse oder anderen vielen Gewürzen.

Aber woher kam das Wort “Sandwich”? Sie und ich wissen, dass ein Sandwich nicht aus Sand besteht. In der Tat ist Sandwich wirklich ein Titel eines englischen Adligen, John Montagu, The Fourth Earl of Sandwich. John Montagu spielte spät in der Nacht, als er hungrig war, fragte er den Kellner nach Fleischscheiben zwischen zwei Scheiben Brot, damit seine Finger nicht fettig würden und die Karten sauber blieben.

Aber da John Montagu wirklich allgemein spielte, kaufte er es jedes Mal. Es gelangte bald zu Außenstehenden, wo durch die Fütterung mit Sandwiches die besten Lebensmittel beim Spielen waren. Das fantastische Sandwich muss aus Scheiben Brot bestehen und so ziemlich alles enthalten, was Sie mögen. Es sollte so sein, wie Sie es mögen.

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Sandwiches können zum Frühstück, Mittag- und Abendessen sowie zu Leckereien gegessen werden. Wie groß das Sandwich ist, kann darüber entscheiden, ob es zum Frühstück, Mittag- oder Abendessen oder als Snack gereicht werden soll. Beispielsweise ist ein grundlegendes Grillkäsesandwich, das zwei Scheiben Brot und eine bestimmte Scheibe Käse enthält, bescheiden und leicht, weshalb es eigentlich ein Snack sein sollte. Ein Sandwich mit Speck, Eiern und Käse ist ein herzhaftes Essen, aber es wird ein Frühstück angeboten, das alle darüber hinausgeht.

Speck, Salat und Tomate, scheint üblich? Systembedingt ist das B. L.

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Die Art und Weise, in der die Daten klassifiziert werden und von erheblicher Relevanz sind, hängt jedoch von den Vorstellungen des Einzelnen ab. Verschwende keine Zeit! Unsere Autoren werden für Sie einen einzigartigen Aufsatz “Herausforderungen mit Wahrnehmung bei Migräne-Auren und Alice im Wunderland-Syndrom” mit einer Preissenkung von 15% entwickeln. Wahrnehmungen können bedeuten, dass ein Stimulus von verschiedenen Personen in Bezug auf Größe, Zustand, Farbe und Relevanz als eine bestimmte Art und Weise wahrgenommen wird, basierend auf der Persönlichkeit, den Prüfungen und der Erziehung jedes Einzelnen (Rice College, 2016). Die Vorstellung erzeugt Geschmacksnuancen und kann dazu führen, dass manche wunderschön erscheinen und andere sich unwohl fühlen (Rice College, 2016). Der Begriff der Länge, sowohl die tatsächliche physische Länge als auch die Anforderungen, um zu einer Absicht zu gelangen, können Schritte und Schlussfolgerungen beeinflussen.

Die Vorstellung stimmt möglicherweise nicht mit der tatsächlichen überein. Illusionen sind ein Fall, in dem der Begriff nicht mit den Tatsachen übereinstimmt (Rice University, 2016). Illusionen sind nicht die einzige Möglichkeit, die Wahrnehmung zu verändern. Eine Änderung der Vorstellung tritt in den beiden Migräne-Auren auf und ist beim Alice-im-Wunderland-Syndrom offensichtlich in übermäßigem Ausmaß zu beobachten.

Eine Veränderung der Wahrnehmung kann sichtbar oder fühlbar sein und die Systemgröße und das Bewegungsgefühl beeinflussen. Auren sind in der Regel eine visuelle Wahrnehmungsstörung, können aber auch andere Sinne wie Geschmack, Gehör oder Motorik beeinträchtigen. Es wird angenommen, dass das Alice im Wunderland-Syndrom eine Art Migräne-Aura ist. Allerdings ist das Syndrom nicht richtig verstanden und wurde auf viele Ursachen zurückgeführt. In diesem Artikel werden die Wahrnehmung und zwei wesentliche Wahrnehmungsstörungen behandelt. Migräne ist eine allgemein verbreitete Erkrankung mit Kopfschmerzen, die viele Tage anhalten können und immer wieder auftreten (Weatherall, 2015).

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The Facts of Financing

Your mother always warned, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” and those words of wisdom can be applied when financing a business. There are a number of methods that can aid buyers in financing a business. Buyers must recognize their available resources such as the seller, lenders, and investors.

As a child, we’re encouraged to “dream big” and told that nothing can stop us, but ourselves. As entrepreneurial adults, this idea of dreaming big is often a part of your everyday routine, but it is inevitable that at some point you’ll come crashing down from those heights into reality. The realization that financing your particular endeavor can instantly dampen even the most impassioned enterprising individual can get you down. To put it bluntly, “Don’t let it”.

Having a reality check on the difficulty of securing financing for a business can be the first step towards making your dream an actuality. There are numerous types of financing available, some more unorthodox or obscure. If you take the time and effort to research all avenues for funding you will be rewarded.

There are two main types of financing: debt financing and equity financing. It is important to you and the success of your business that you familiarize yourself with the types of financing in order to choose, seek, and finally, obtain the right form for your needs.

Debt financing involves borrowing money that will be repaid over a certain allotted time with a set interest rate tacked on. The time of such financing can be short term or long-term. In most cases, short term financing would include repayment within one year, while long-term financing would entail repayment in a time period that exceeds one year.

An advantage of this type of financing is the fact that the lender will not gain ownership in your business. You remain in control and your only obligation to them is to make regular and timely payments. In the case of small startups, a personal guarantee is often needed to facilitate the closing of the financing deal.

Equity financing, unlike debt financing, will involve giving the financing entity a share in the business. Some business owners dislike the idea of losing any amount of control. On a positive note, this type of financing does not incur debt. This kind of freedom from debt can give a greater sense of security in starting a new business. In addition, some entrepreneurs find great value in their equity financing partners, and see their presence as an asset.

The type of financing you will choose is based largely on the needs of your business and the kind of collateral, or available assets you have to offer. A substantial amount of debt financing can lead to poor credit and a shortage of funds in the future due to an inability to apply for more financing. A business that becomes overextended, offers little collateral, and is steeped in debt is not an appealing option for many investors.

As previously mentioned, there are other more unorthodox methods of obtaining funds that can certainly prove to be beneficial to your business. Some options can be found in your own circle of friends and family. One benefit of this type of financing is obtaining the money and a silent partner who will most likely not interfere with your business. It can also eliminate some of the red tape involved with more traditional forms of financing. This does not mean you can simply use a verbal agreement or “shake on it” to signify and bind the transaction. This is still a strategic business move and you must treat it as such which means proper documentation, clear terms, and mutual understanding of those terms.

Relationships can be ruined over inept efforts with this type of financing, so value your business and the other person by treating it with professionalism, attention to detail, and respect. Don’t become the black sheep at the next family reunion over some misunderstanding or your falling behind on payments.

A few other options that are largely unknown to those who haven’t done research include unsecured loans and micro-loans. Resources such as or offer loans based on cash flow, credit score, and debt-to-income ratio. Government grants are also a largely untapped resource that is made available to entrepreneurs. Simply researching the website can be extremely helpful in your search for funds.

Venture capital is another route that many entrepreneurs look to due to the amount of funding that can be procured. A venture capitalist will likely offer larger sums of money that can be of great assistance to your business, but they will also gain a certain portion of control and ownership. This type of funding however is usually scarce due to the assumption that many startups will inevitably fail. You will need to find someone willing to take the risk and who sees potential in your vision.

This type of person could also be found in a more palatable option known as the Angel investor. The Angel investor typically has a high net worth and like the venture capitalist, must believe in the product and the person behind the product. Their loan often converts to stock, preferred stock, or convertible bonds.