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About us

The Education Workforce Council (EWC) is the independent, professional regulator for the education workforce in Wales. We cover teachers and learning support staff in school and further education settings, qualified youth and youth support workers and work-based learning practitioners.

What we do

Our core function is to regulate in the public interest. To do this, we maintain a Register of Education Practitioners eligible to practise in schools, further education, youth work and work-based learning. That's over 88,000 practitioners across 11 registration categories. If you need to register with us you can apply online. 

Secondly, we publish a Code of Professional Conduct and Practice which sets out the standards expected of those registered.

Thirdly, through our fitness to practise work, we investigate and hear allegations of unacceptable professional conduct, serious professional incompetence, or relevant criminal offences.

We also have a statutory responsibility to accredit programmes of initial teacher education, and monitor their compliance with the national criteria. 

Professional Learning Passport (PLP)

All our registrants have access to a free Professional Learning Passport (PLP), an e-portfolio designed to help them improve their practice by capturing, reflecting upon and sharing their learning.  

The professional standards for all EWC registrant groups can be found within the PLP itself. Interactive tools featured in the PLP allow registrants to map evidence, and self-assess their progress in the context of their professional standards.

If you want to get started with your PLP, read our short guide to help you set up your online account.

Professional learning events

We host several free professional learning events for our registrants throughout the year. This includes our popular annual lecture, Professionally Speaking. Previous speakers have included Professor Andy Hargreaves, Professor Pak Tee Ng, Dr Carol Campbell and Professor Yong Zhao.

The Quality Mark for Youth Work in Wales

The Quality Mark is a unique tool for self-assessment, planning improvement and gaining recognition for youth work. It supports and recognises improving standards in the provision, practice, and performance of organisations that deliver youth work, demonstrating and celebrating the excellence of their work with young people.

If your organisation is interested in getting involved in the Quality Mark, please visit the Quality Mark page.

Get to know us and our work

We often deliver training and workshops to our registrant groups and stakeholders like school governors, training institutions, and regional education consortia. This can take place in person, or online.

We cover a range of topics related to our work, such as:

  • the EWC Code of Professional Conduct and Practice
  • using social media responsibly
  • professional responsibilities and ethics
  • the Professional Learning Passport

We can also participate in conference keynotes, panel sessions, and attend your event’s marketplace.

To arrange a presentation for your organisation, please complete our online form.

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