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About us

BE.Xcellence is a Community Interest Company, established in 2021. The aim is to support the Welsh government's anti-racism action plan, by providing opportunities for affirmative action for Black, Asian and minority ethnic teaching assistants. This is to help increase the numbers of professional teachers from diverse communities, which is important to the teaching and learning for all pupils in Wales if we are to achieve the anti-racism action plan's aims by 2030. We offer one to one support, by mentoring and supporting career progression, or advice on how to improve skills and knowledge within your existing role. We do this, through our network called TAN, teaching assistants network - Cymru for (until). 

TAN, is not exclusive and open to ALL teaching assistants, intending to provide anti-racism coaching and a space where TAs can share best practices, exchange lived experiences and work together more holistically towards reaching the aims of the plan together. 

TAN, is free to join and offers members regular meetings, information, workshops, accredited and non-accredited training, online tools and resources as well as wellbeing support. We launched in July 2021, with our teaching assistants summer school, delivering our first series of free professional learning opportunities for members. All Behaviour Consultancy delivered a full-day session on, classroom behaviour management, our members learnt techniques that will inform their practice and help to contribute to the whole classroom experience, as well as help to identify any ALN related issues with pupils. At BE.Xcellence we are committed to ensuring that all pupils have a positive and inclusive learning and social experience in education.

We are also developing curriculum resources with a specific focus on identity, cynefin and anti-racism. We are proud to be a part of the DARPL project and have offered part one of the current series "Super Citizens" as our contribution to the launch of this exciting new and historical development by the Welsh Government to provide a more inclusive curriculum. Super Citizens, explores six topics to help schools create ethically informed citizens. Our curriculum work meets the new  Donaldson curriculum framework of the four purposes and many of the statements of what matters. 

To join TAN, please visit our website for more information to register your interest and download our first six-part series of Super Citizens.